From our family
to yours

Since 1973

Our bottom line at Schwartz Brothers Bakery has always been family. Since Dad and Uncle John started the bakery, we have shared our traditions: finding the best ingredients, using scratch recipes, and taking our time.

We care about good people sharing good food. We’re so glad your family can join us!

Why We Bake

The bakery has been owned and operated by members of our family—the Schwartz family—since 1973. From the beginning, we’ve strived to create the highest quality baked goods, but there’s more to it than that: we’ve always worked hard to earn the respect of our community and customers, and to assemble a team that reflects the best of our family’s values.

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Baked Goods

We use only the best ingredients, usually working in small batches, from scratch recipes. We take our time and bake with care, often hand-forming each creation, whether a delicate pastry or a hearty loaf. Our recipes have been passed down and perfected, from our parents to us—and now, to you.

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