Buns & Rolls

The key to making truly great rolls is not taking any shortcuts. With our traditional roll—a.k.a. the Butterflake Roll—that means using only fresh creamery butter and whole eggs. With our old-world Sourdough Roll, that means allowing enough time for the dough to reach that perfect sour flavor—and then timing the oven just right to get a thin, crisp, golden-brown crust.

Organic Original Rolls

Our Organic Original Rolls are light, fluffy and golden brown. These flavorful dinner rolls are the perfect complement to any meal.

Organic Ancient Grains Rolls

Packed full of healthy organic ancient baking grains and topped with organic black & white sesame seeds. Great for sandwiches or snacking.

Butterflake Rolls

Our take on the traditional dinner roll. The unmistakable “buttery flakiness” delivered by a touch of sweetness and tenderness from whole eggs and fresh creamery butter.

  • Reheat before serving at your holiday dinner.

Sourdough Rolls

No shortcuts taken here, we honor old world tradition by giving our rolls the time to reach that perfect sour flavor, thin crisp crust and golden brown color.

Organic Original Hamburger Buns

Made with organic wheat flour, these golden brown buns are light and fluffy. Serve plain, grilled or toasted to make each meal an experience.

Organic Original Hot Dog Buns

Made with organic wheat flour, these buns are light, fluffy and flavorful. Perfect for hot dogs, brats, and more. Great on the grill, toasted or plain.

Brioche Buns

Schwartz Brothers Bakery’s made from scratch brioche bun is a yeasted dough that includes butter, milk, and eggs to ensure a soft, tender crumb and golden brown crust.