PINK-O-WEEN: 21 Tasty Ways To Host A `Pink Out Party’ In October – With A Touch Of Halloween!


Nothing like a good scare to raise awareness about the scourge of Breast Cancer that is impacting one out of every eight women in the United States today.

And given that October is the Pink Out Month for Breast Cancer Awareness and Halloween, why not combine the two events and call it Pink-O-Ween?

Isn’t that a perfect way to make your October parties seem twice as memorable?

Below, we have listed 21 of our favorite food treats that can give any pink out party for BCA a touch of Halloween horror with ghouls, zombies, witches and pumpkins – all recreated in pink!

And don’t forget to pick up some of our famous Pink Cookies, while you’re planning your Pink-O-Ween.



At Schwartz Brothers Bakery, we’re busy right now putting finishing touches to the Pink Cookies we bake as our contribution to the cause of raising awareness about Breast Cancer in the country. These tender-crisp sugar cookies are scented with butter, vanilla and ground cardamom, and crowned with a rosette of butter cream. No artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives.

Each cookie is hand-prepared to the best Schwartz Brothers Bakery tradition for quality and excellence, and a portion of the proceeds from our Pink Cookie sales goes directly to benefit Breast Cancer research.

So buy generously (click here to find the nearest store that carries Schwartz Brothers Bakery products) and let’s make this October a successful month for the cause.




1) Halloween Pink Morgue-A-Rita

2) Ghoul Frozen Hand Punch

3) Pink Lemonade Jello Shots

4) Pink Pickled Devil Eggs

5) Goblin’s Grin

6) Popcorn `Brain’ Balls

7) Watermelon, Feta, Blackberry Skewers

8) Pink Beetroot Hummus Dip

9) Polish Beet Soup

10) Smoked Salmon & Cucumber Roll

11) Turkey Jalapeno Poppers

12) Roll-Ups With Almond Butter Sauce

13) Shrimp Tacos

14) Cheesy Pink Risotto

15) Pasta With Creamy Beet Sauce

16) Cotton Candy Tray

17) Fuchsia Rock Candy

18) Schwartz Brothers Bakery Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Cookies

19) Pink Meringue Ribbon Treat

20) Breast Cancer Awareness Cupcakes

21) Pink Halloween Ribbon Monster Cupcake


Breast Cancer Pink Cookie Flyer

9 Ways To Use Your Leftover Brioche Bread. If You Haven’t Eaten Them Already!



Marie-Antoinette Let Them eat BriocheRich, golden-brown and decadently buttery with a hint of sweetness and lots of eggs in the dough, brioche can be used to uplift anything – from hamburgers and PB&Js to French toasts and puddings.

With none of the humility of ordinary bread, brioche is known as a Viennoiserie — a French pastry like the croissant – that sits somewhere in between a boulangerie (bread bakery) and a patisserie (cake bakery) product.

In other words, it is versatile, sinfully flavorful, and can be used to prepare almost anything that calls for a great bread.

Put a dollop of jam into a brioche bun, and it’s breakfast. Use ham-and-cheese, and it’s a sandwich lunch. Eat them as rolls to accompany a hearty soup or a beef roast, and it’s dinner.

At Schwartz Brothers Bakery, we are particularly proud of the made-from-scratch brioches we bake with yeasted dough and plenty of butter, milk and eggs. (Click HERE to find your nearest outlet that stocks our products.)


A question we often get from our brioche fans is what they could do with leftover brioche, if they happen to have more than they need.

The answer is quite exciting because there are lots of ways you can use leftover brioche to prepare delicious savories and sweets that you haven’t tried before.

Below, we’re giving you nine of our favorite recipes that can use leftover brioche – and taste three times better because of the amazing richness of this quasi-pastry bread.

Try them, and tell us what you think! And do share your own leftover brioche recipes with us, if you have any.

We’d love to know!

  1. Brioche Hot Brown
  2. Egg-In-A-Basket / Egg-In-A-Hole
  3. Brioche Grilled Cheese
  4. Savory Brioche Croutons
  5. Brioche Bread Pudding
  6. Brioche Ham And Cheese Pudding
  7. Brioche Bun Ice-Cream Sandwich
  8. Sweet Caramel Brioche Croutons
  9. Homemade Brioche Churros

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