What We're Made Of

When you’re feeding your family, you care about what goes into every bite.

We want our ingredients to be as pure and delicious as possible, of course. But we also believe that agriculture should be practiced in a responsible, sustainable way and that farm animals should be treated kindly and humanely—and we strive to work with family farms, co-ops, and other local companies who share that vision.

Both of our bakeries are also certified kosher by Va’ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle, which means they must follow the highest standards for ingredient quality and food safety.

Simply put, our recipes are family recipes, and we’ll never use any ingredient that we wouldn’t put on our own table.

Our Featured Ingredient Vendors

Darigold | Butter

Seattle, WA

Darigold has been a farmer-owned cooperative since 1918, with a long track record of social responsibility. Darigold milk is always free of rBST growth hormones, and the dairy has one of America’s only European-style vacuum butter churns. We’re proud to use Darigold butter in our Classic and Chocolate Croissants, Lemon and Cranberry Orange Poundcake, and Blueberry Streusel and Lemon Marionberry Muffins.

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Bob's Red Mill | Flour

Bob’s Red Mill is an employee-owned Pacific Northwest business with an old-fashioned focus on freshness and quality—achieved by grinding whole grains at cool temperatures using traditional stone mills. It’s not the fastest or cheapest way to create flour, but we think it’s the best (and we hope you’ll agree). That’s why we’re proud to use Bob’s Red Mill products in our Organic Whole Wheat Bagels, Organic Nine-Grain Bread, Organic Wholegrain Buns, and Organic Italian Bread.

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Gingerich Farms | Blueberries

Canby, OR

Gingerich Farms has been family-owned and family-operated since 1919, with the perfect growing conditions for the blueberries in our Blueberry Muffins, Blueberry Cream Cheese Muffins, and Blueberry Oat & Flax Bars. Not only is Gingerich Farms an Organic Certified Packer, but they’ve also won Oregon’s most prestigious sustainability award for small businesses—for, among other things, using falcons for pest control. Clever farmers!

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Country Morning Farms | Milk

Country Morning Farms is a third-generation family farm in Central Washington. (Or, as they say, “fourth-generation if you count the toddlers.”) The Gilbert family started farming in 1958, and you can believe them when they say, “rBST free, all natural, 100% pure”: They use only milk from their own cows, they grow all of their own feed, and they deliver fresh directly to their customers—which includes us, for ingredients in all of our Rustic Focaccia breads and many of our muffins.

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GloryBee | Honey, Seeds, Nuts & Grains

GloryBee started as a family honey stand back in 1975—with hives in the backyard, processing in the garage, and a deep freeze that doubled as a sales counter. GloryBee still has those same small family values: they provide free breakfasts to local children, follow ethical sourcing and sustainability practices (including 100% energy and water-use offsets), and they’re a “Save the Bee” leader, with 1% of all profits going to fund bee research. We’re proud to use GloryBee in our Honey Bran and Pumpkin Muffins, Sprouted Wheat Sunflower Bread, Nine-Grain Bread, and Sprouted Oat & Honey Bread.

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Bedda-Bella | Vanilla

Bedda-Bella means “beautiful beautiful,” and this local company takes pride in the timing of vanilla production—knowing when to hand-pollinate the orchids, when to harvest the beans, and when to conclude the long, careful curing process. Bedda-Bella is KSA-certified and our only source for the pure Madagascar vanilla extract in our cookies, brownies, icing, and glazes.

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Cherry Lane Family Farms | Eggs

Jerry and Vince Bookey started Northwest Egg Sales in 1956, after many years of working in their father’s egg business. The two brothers eventually created their own egg production farm, called Cherry Lane Family Farms. Third- and fourth-generation members of the Bookey family are still actively involved, and their operations have earned the highest Safe Quality Food rating (SQF 3). We use Cherry Lane Family Farms eggs in our Brioche, Challah, Cookies, and Poundcakes.

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Guerra Nut Shelling | Walnuts

Guerra Nut Shelling Company is one of the oldest walnut farming and processing companies in the country. Started as a neighborhood business by brothers Carl and Frank Guerra in the Great Depression, the company is still run by members of the Guerra family. As part of the California walnut industry (and certified by the Dried Fruit and Tree Nut Association of California), Guerra helps set the global standard for walnut taste, safety, and quality. We’re happy to use Guerra walnuts in our Cinnamon Walnut Rugelach, Pumpkin Bread, and Butterscotch Bars.

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