Our Story

The story of our bakery goes all the way back to 1970, when Dad and Uncle John started in the restaurant business. Three years later they created “The Sandwich Shop and Pie Place."

The only problem? They couldn’t find any pies or cheesecakes in the Seattle area that they liked enough to serve. So they decided to start making baked goods themselves—and that’s how our bakery got its start.

You can imagine if your family’s name were on something that you put out into the world, for others to enjoy—you’d want to get it right! That’s how we’ve felt from the beginning, and that’s why we’ve worked so hard to maintain the high standards of the generation before us. We hope you’ll find that all our breads and pastries are perfect for your family’s table, whether for everyday meals or even to celebrate a special occasion.

Our Family of Businesses

Schwartz Brothers Restaurants owns and operates full service restaurants and food service companies in the Seattle metro area. We would love to have you visit and meet the other members of our family!

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