Many bakers see scones as a challenge—it’s hard work, after all, to get that crisp-on-the-outside, soft-in-the-center perfection! But we think it’s a challenge worth mastering. A lot of patience, practice, and love goes into each of these buttery, toasty treats. We’re particularly proud of our classic iced Pumpkin Scones, but don’t miss the “red hot” burst of flavor in our Cinnamon Chip Scones either.

Cranberry Orange

Autumn year round! Dried cranberries, moist orange peel topped with tangy orange glaze drizzle


A Schwartz Brothers Bakery classic! Pumpkin purée blended with honey, buttermilk and warm spices in this iced, buttery treat.

Cinnamon Chip

This warm and toasty scone is baked with sweet cinnamon chips, creamery butter and topped with spiced icing.


Sweet blueberries and citrus provide a great contrast to the tender, buttery crumb.


Our own tender, buttery crumb variety flecked with vanilla bean and iced with vanilla-scented glaze.

Shortcake Cream Biscuits

Our housemade sweet biscuit dough made tender with whipping cream and topped with sprinkled sugar. Perfect reheated and topped with cream and seasonal berries or fruits.

Scones Nutrition & Ingredients